All Of Our Rage

2013-10-04blogImageWe’re pretty stoked about the presence of Desktop Dungeons and Make Games SA at this year’s rAge expo in Johannesburg. Our game is just one entry in an exciting list of local games forming the pretty respectable setup seen over here. This is probably MGSA’s most impressive showing at rAge so far and we’re actually kinda jealous that we can’t make it up there this time around.

If you feel like dropping by the expo itself, be sure to try out our unique build of DD featuring a never-before-heard selection of the orchestral music track from Danny Baranowsky and Grant Kirkhope. That’s some special incentive right there! Sadly, we’re not putting the audio into DD’s online version just yet (yeaaah, file sizes), but we have our regular weekly offering uploaded and ready for your consumption with some animation improvements, bugfixes, the beginnings of our revised score screen (you didn’t think that was going to be its final version, didya?).

This week has seen a smattering of improvements in various areas of the game. Surprise bonus: if your DD profile was created relatively recently, chances are that you’ve only just earned access to a quest or two that were unwittingly orphaned a little while back. Think of it as the game content equivalent of finding a few forgotten bank notes stashed in one of your pockets! Changelog follows:


  • Dragging a glyph/item, and then replacing it in the inventory should no longer trigger its use.
  • Added footprint trails.
  • Fixed a bug where using WONAFYT in the Yin/Yang subdungeon could summon and enemy into a wall.
  • Changed toast interaction to only happen when toast ribbon is near it’s final position.
  • Changed score screen kill list to activity list.
  • Changed score screen money description to sales/income list.
  • Vicious Halls of Steel quest only shows up after at least one victory in the regular dungeon
  • Clarified exit removal in Banker fight
  • Adjusted Crusader Bronze for clarity
  • Fixed Transmuter quest description and flags
  • Restored some orphaned quests on certain profiles
  • Selecting a preparation during step 1 of the advisor prep tutorial is now optional
  • Fixed building name tooltip overlap
  • Reworded IMAWAL description
  • Updated Codex numbers
  • Updated wall destruction animation.
  • Updated PISORF knockback animation.
  • Added cursor animations for ENDISWAL and PISORF.
  • Added slow effect animation.
  • Fixed bug with looping animation playback missing frames.