Alchemy 101

Also! GameZone TV interviews the Desktop Dungeons team


For countless centuries, even the mightiest of Kingdoms have struggled with poor plumbing and substandard weighting blocks. The solution to this crisis comes in the form of a near-legendary material known as “lead”, but few mortals have ever seen the material — and fewer still know where to find it.

Regardless, the noble guild of Alchemists strives endlessly in its task to create vast bounties of lead from the humblest of materials: gold. While their aspirations may seem foolish, there’s no denying that the mystical cantrips they’ve created along the way have been of great use to adventurers.

Our Kingdom has yet to secure the aid of these enigmatic dabblers, but rumours of the Philosopher’s Stone have recently secured the interest from one of their lower-ranking members …

Improvements abound both under and over the hood this week! A brand-new building, more god stuff and a few heroic tweaks here and there are ready to greet players in the new update — changelist follows:


  • Started saving a copy of the dungeon run data in memory. This means that internet disconnection will no longer stop the user playing.
  • Hitting enter now works for logging in and creating new profiles.
  • Conducted major apostrophectomy across all bank and bazaar quests.
  • Fixed Alchemist’s Scroll short description saying MP instead of HP.
  • New god
  • Jehora Jeheyu is slightly less likely to punish new worshipers
  • Fixed JJ potion issue
  • JJ Chaos Avatar changed
  • JJ now spawns in appropriate special cases
  • Plants no longer form Revenants on Hexx Ruins
  • Tweaked Crusader momentum to increase by 25% instead of 10%
  • Fixed Starter Pack puzzle issue
  • Added the Alchemist and a host of odd, confusing seals
  • Moved interaction clicks to onMouseUp, should be slightly more forgiving, also less likely to break the inventory