A little encouragement

In our ongoing quest to fill your dungeoneering experience with as many metrics, achievements and superfluous measurements as possible, we’d like to introduce the basic framework for our new Encouragements system!

Despairing players who crumble against Venture Cave and the Den of Danger may now take heart, for while their corpses may lie bloody and mangled on the dungeon floor, they can find comfort in the knowledge that a supportive and informative message will oft as not accompany their grisly demise and remind them that they’re making progress in a number of measurable areas.


On the opposite end of that scale, Extreme Veterans (TM) are officially treated to Draft Two of the notorious Gaan-Telet tower, now with an extra random generator, some bleedingly harsh dungeon modifiers and — most importantly — a slightly more intuitive layout (though distressingly, all stairs in the tower still go down. Ugh). If the changes have somehow made the experience easier for any of you, let us know and we’ll be sure to rectify this mistake as soon as possible.

Exciting things are looming for the Kingdom (exciting things which also happen to be pretty). Not there quite yet, but we thought we’d tease it a little in this week’s blog image. Additionally, we’ve tried fixing some of the stuff we broke last week, and made just a few important item tweaks on the side. You’ll love/hate it, we promise. Onward to the changelog:


  • Fixed a bug where locker items could not be lockered.
  • Fixed a bug where the backpack would show duplicate items.
  • Martyr Wraps now only corrode revealed foes (still works across subdungeons).
  • Plate Mail now has the Slow Strike effect.
  • Piercing Wand lowers both magical and physical resistances.
  • God Puzzle hints finished.
  • Berserker Camp “levelup” animations no longer show up across maps.
  • Added tracking for some global profile stats.
  • Added encouragements displayed on death (refers to global profile stats).
  • Transmuter unlock speech changed to reflect new class mechanics.
  • Witch-Apothecary relationship clarified.
  • Fixed a bug which stopped glyphs showing prediction after a cast.
  • Grid generation overlaps should be stamped out at dungeon creation time.
  • Poison + fast regen monster interactions (hopefully) fixed
  • Fixed a crash with the backpack if too many items were brought back from a dungeon.
  • Added a confirmation dialogue when restarting from within a dungeon.
  • Removed extra blank Binlor message.
  • “Barely win” combat prediction doesn’t show if the enemy has death protection.
  • Quest Panel now shows the dungeon difficulty when dungeon icon is moused over.
  • Squished more spelling errors and typos.
  • Rare crash no longer possible while interacting with inventory.